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GP Practice Website annual subscription plan

Our GP Practice Website subscription plan and setup

GenPra cloud based modular hosting, framework system, together with our streamlined support and video user guides, provide your Practice with a competitively priced, great value surgery website.

Our subscription plan costs £635 per annum and initial setup is a one-off fee of £125. 

Content edits are managed by the practice and we include 3 hours of our time each year if the practice would rather we make any content edits. Practice teams take care of most site edits—so 3 hours is usually more than enough. Additional development or edit time is charged at a rate of £70 per hour. All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.

Domain names

We recommend .nhs domain names for any NHS website. These are free to all organisations providing NHS services and are managed by the NHS Digital Team. Alternatively, a practice may prefer a commercial website address like or .com. 

We can assist with transferring domain names for Practices wishing to keep their current website address.

GenPra GP Practice Websites are provided complete with suggested content, patient forms, practice information, integration of online triage systems and links to clinical systems access points.

A team of practice management, design & development experts building websites for NHS organisations.